Hire Me

Hi! I’m Mike Lee. If you’d like to know what qualifies me to give you advice, check out my about page.

If you’d like to sit down for an hour or two and talk about your app, your idea, your career, or whatever’s on your mind, I’m available for consulting within the canal belt of Amsterdam for a special rate of €100/hour (ex VAT), max 2 hours per week.

As a limited-time experiment, I will be offering consulting for Appsterdammers-outside-Appsterdam at the same rate via Skype.

If you’d like me to fly out to you, perhaps to speak at your conference or company, my rate is €2000/hour on stage (ex VAT), plus expenses for me and my partner.

Due to the increased risk inherent in crossing its border, speaking fees inside the United States are doubled.

I currently have zero availability for unpaid consulting, and am generally not available for pitches or job offers.

For scheduling, please email Judy at appsterdam.rs.