Big Fish

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

One of the goals of the Appsterdam movement is to provide a place for the best and brightest from around the world to come together to make great things and train a new generation of App Makers. This is why we’ve built the world’s most advanced infrastructure for app development here.

It’s also why we’ve been quietly working to bring top names to Amsterdam. By leveraging our network of immigration, business, and tax specialists, we make the decision to come to Amsterdam easy. This is why it gives me great pleasure to welcome the Big Nerd Ranch to Appsterdam.

Big Nerd Ranch will be holding a 7-day iOS Bootcamp here from October 22-28, taught by yours truly. If you want to make apps for the iPhone and iPad, you should attend the iOS Bootcamp. After a brief introduction to my beloved Objective-C language and Cocoa framework, we’ll kick it into overdrive and make you an App Maker.

I’m thrilled to welcome Big Nerd Ranch to Appsterdam, but I’m just as thrilled to be a part of the team. I, and nearly everyone I know, learned Cocoa from Aaron Hillegass’ books. I’m also a big fan of the kind of immersive education the Big Nerd Ranch provides. I am really looking forward to it!

In addition to the upcoming public class, Big Nerd Ranch will be doing onsite classes for businesses in the Netherlands. They’ve done so for such big names as Cisco, AT+T, SAS, and many more.

Attending the Big Nerd Ranch is the quickest way to change your life, kickstart your career, and achieve your dreams. An intense, battle-tested program, and the insights of the World’s Toughest Programmer? Only in Appsterdam.

Taking a Stand

By Mike / On / In Technology

News from the front has not been promising. Tech blogs read like Tolkien short stories. Our colleagues are being overrun by patent trolls. Widget Press is about to fall, and Iconfactory may be next.

None of us are ready to take up this fight, but if we don’t bring the fight to them, they’re going to bring the fight to us.

At this point we have two options. We continue business as usual, going along our separate paths, spending each day praying we are not the next to fall. Or we stand together, here and now, and fight back.

Abandon the notion that lawyers are our enemies. There are many lawyers who would like to help stop this misuse of patent law. I know because when lawyers and others want to help App Makers, they contact the Appsterdam movement.

Our goal is to serve the interests of App Makers all over the world, and there is no greater interest than fighting the destruction of our industry, our businesses, and our way of life.

Let this be our rallying cry. We’re starting by putting the call out for attorneys and patent experts who would like to help assemble a legal team: email bmf at

In a few weeks, we’ll set up a legal defense fund to fuel that team. Then we will formulate and implement a strategy to fight these bastards.

Together, we will get the message across: If you come after indies, we will come after you. They can afford to fight, but we cannot afford to lose.