Appsterdam Guru Sessions

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

On Thursday, July 28, we launch yet another piece of the World’s Most Advanced Infrastructure for App Makers: Appsterdam Guru Sessions. These in-depth, hands-on workshops are the best way to refresh your knowledge and master new concepts.

Our first Appsterdam Guru Session will be on Test-Driven Development, and is hosted by Eloy Durán and Manfred Stienstra of Fingertips Design and Development. These are the awesome folks who contributed the new member and classified sections to the Appsterdamrs website.

Space is being provided by our good friends at SourceTag, who also provide the space for our Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures, at their office at Vijzelstraat 20.

The four-hour workshop will teach the meta-topic of Test-Driven Development, illustrated in Objective-C and MacRuby. If you don’t have Objective-C experience, or don’t even have a Mac, no problem—you will be paired up with someone who does.

Doors open at 12:00, and you’ll have an hour to settle in with a light lunch. The workshop ends at 17:00, whereupon you, head crammed full of knowledge, will wind down with beer and pizza.

Admission is cheap as hell at €20 a seat, but spaces are limited, so you need to RSVP immediately.

Food and drinks are provided by Apps for Noord Holland, which is the latest contest awarding cash prizes for apps using open data. I still can’t wrap my head around that. Open data is crude oil, money just laying there waiting to be made. Then they pay you to use it. Haven for App Makers indeed.

One more thing: if there’s interest, there’s talk of doing the workshop again later, but from an Android perspective.