Appsterdam Launch Weekend

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

With WWDC behind us, it’s time to get ready for the Appsterdam launch party weekend, which will be kicking off the Summer of Appsterdam.

This is a party worth flying in for. You should plan on arriving in Appsterdam on Friday, June 24. We’ll kick things off by descending upon a pod of bars in the city and drinking them dry as we get to know each other.

You could go strong all night, but you should probably get a good night’s sleep for the morning’s adventures. We’re going to have several expeditions running through the city—coffeeshop tour, canal tour, museum tour—whatever people are interested in.

On Saturday evening we’ll all get back together for a big party. I’ll deliver a keynote, welcoming people to the city, launching the things we have planned for the Summer of Appsterdam, and highlighting some of the developers working in the city—followed by a few hours of meeting and drinking.

In addition to your social pants and good liver, you should bring your app. There will be lots of people there to show it to, from fellow developers to members of the press.

If people have anything left in them, we’ll send a contingent toward the red light district, where the party lasts all night. On Sunday morning, we’ll have a hangover brunch, and greet the sun as it rises on a new Amsterdam.

We will be selling the first batch of Appsterdam T-shirts at the party for €20. If you’d like to guarantee we have a shirt reserved in your size, you can purchase it in advance and pick it up at the party—email klaasspeller at gmail to make arrangements.

You have until noon Monday to pre-order a shirt. Otherwise, stay tuned for our upcoming RSVP, which will include a short census to help us ensure everyone is taken care of.

I can’t wait to see you there. It’s going to be amazing.