Meet the Makers of South Holland

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

With all that’s happening in Appsterdam, I know it’s hard to keep track of everything going on, let alone what’s already happened. To review from a few weeks ago, we expanded to South Holland with Appsterdam Delft.

The turnout in Delft was great, and included a number of people who had either not heard of Appsterdam before Delft, or had only been able to read about it online. One awesome App Maker, Gevik Babakhani, actually had Delftware ceramic tile made of the Appsterdam logo!

Photo by Gevik Babakhani

Since the launch, App Makers from Delft, Den Haag, and Rotterdam have been getting together at Cafe Belvedere at the same time App Makers from Amsterdam, Haarlem, and Utrect have been getting together at Cafe Bax. They’ve been working together at the Appsterdam Approved Hangout at Grand Cafe Sping, as we’ve been working together at Appsterdam Noord at NDSM.

We’ve been busy in Amsterdam as well. We launched Meet the Makers, powered by IceMobile, the last piece of our Summer of Appsterdam infrastructure initiatives. Meet the Makers is how App Makers share their latest and greatest, connecting directly with users.

The event was a blast. IceMobile did a tremendous job with both hosting and presenting. We had a huge turnout, with around 80 people showing up to learn about the new ABN AMRO banking app. Check out IceMobile’s sweet dual beamer action!

Sweet dual-beamer action

Appsterdam Delft is preparing their own Meet the Makers, powered by Sping. Come see the newest apps by App Makers of South Holland: Noodlewerk, Innovattic, ii studio, Share Square, and more.

If you’re an App Maker in South Holland who’d like a free place to work among friends, this is the perfect excuse to check out the Appsterdam Approved Hangout at Grand Cafe Sping. It’s exactly the dream: a private cafe with coffee and wifi, but no live music or screaming babies. It’s a little slice of heaven right next to a tram stop.

Meet the Makers, powered by Sping
August 30th, 14:30 – 17:30
Grand Cafe Sping, Nieuwe Plantage 58, Delft