By Mike / On / In Technology

While the in-app purchase API boycott and bugroast get rolling under the hashtag #unlodsys, the next big question is what, exactly, do we want from Apple?

The short answer is, we want the same thing Jules wanted from Marcellus Wallace during the Wolf scene in Pulp Fiction.

1. We want immediate reassurance.

An open letter to our developers:

Chill out. We’re on it.


2. We want Apple to destroy Lodsys by any means necessary.

Nothing keeps copycats at bay like heads mounted on pikes.

3. We want Apple to make us glad we work on their platform.

Platform providers should treat patent trolls who prey on their developers the way America treats terrorists who prey on her citizens.

If I could offer Apple a bit of advice learned from the airline industry, you should have a patent attorney on the doorstep of every developer affected by Lodsys and other patent trolls. It would be a relatively cheap way to set yourself apart from the other providers, who would love to entice your developers.