Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

As part of the Summer of Appsterdam, we’re starting a weekly lecture series where developers from here or abroad can share with their fellow Appsterdammers what they’re working on, or what new thing they’ve mastered, and receive speaker training to boot.

For those who’ve worked at Big Fruit, this is based on the Spotlight On program at Apple, with our inevitable Appsterdam twist. It’s meant to facilitate the free flow of technical information between App Makers, while at the same time creating a pool of people who can speak about technology.

Once Appsterdam is full of articulate technologists, we’ll be the place for journalists looking to interview someone, conferences looking for presenters, and universities looking for lecturers. I’ve helped Apple’s engineers get their presentations ready for primetime, and look forward to doing the same for you.

Here in the Netherlands, lunch means sandwiches (broodjes). In the spirit of togetherness, we’re going to do the same thing we did for our hangover lunch and say bring your favorite broodje toppings. Bread, drinks, and that sort thing will be provided by our sponsor.

Which brings me to the part with the details. Lectures will be every Wednesday at 12:30. You’ll come in, make a sandwich, and settle in for an hour long presentation, which will begin at 13:00. There will be 30 minutes of open discussion afterwards, and you’ll be on your way back to work by 14:30.

Appsterdam’s Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lecture series will be held at the offices of SourceTAG on the 4th floor of Vijzelstraat 20. They are hosting and sponsoring the event as their way of contributing to the movement. Truly, we are Appsterdam.

I’ll be kicking things off with an introductory lecture entitled “The Appsterdam Way.” The intent is to record these and make them available, so the Appbroaders don’t miss out.