Appsterdam Approved Hangouts

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

Another of our Summer of Appsterdam initiatives are Appsterdam Approved Hangouts. These are places where you are free to come and get some work done, knowing you will be both welcome and surrounded by your fellow App Makers.

Imagine a cafe where you are welcome to bring a laptop, have power and WiFi, and sip a beverage of your choice while you get some work done. And, all your friends are there. That is an Appsterdam Approved Hangout.

In addition to cafes, businesses with extra space who’d like to have a bunch of smart, creative people around can become Appsterdam Approved Hangouts. We’re even working up some nice vinyl stickers with the Appsterdam logo to put on your door or window.

By the end of summer, we intend to have five spots picked out, distributed throughout the city. We will also be opening places in other cities in the Netherlands, and eventually throughout the world. This ensures that on any day and in any city, you can find Appsterdam.

Our first location, Appsterdam Noord, is at the NDSM-Werf. This trendy industrial space turned artist’s colony is on the north side of the river IJ, reachable by free ferry, and located conveniently close to the ferry station.

Appsterdam Noord opens for beta testing today. We’re easing into the space, so for the next couple of weeks we’ll be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 to 15:30. There’s a limit of 8 people, so you need to reserve your spot.

From the ferry dock, turn right and walk east for one block. You’ll see some blue portable buildings in a fenced in area amid piles of building materials. The sign says Stichting NDSM-Werf and has a logo with two ships on it.

Come around to the back of the building, where we have a terrace with picnic tables. Find a seat, and start building the future.