and Fingertips

By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

With the Summer of Appsterdam well under way, our community is growing in leaps and bounds. In order to keep up that growth, we’re restructuring things a bit, getting volunteers and sponsors to take over large swaths of the Appsterdam landscape.

To that end, we’re turning over structural work on the website to Fingertips. They’re making much needed upgrades, especially to the members section, so you’ll be able to manage your own membership listings. We’ll also have searching and filtering to help people find you.

We’re implementing some of the most common requests, such as removing pagination from the lists. We’re also adding a “classifieds” section where you can post or find jobs, bikes, housing, or anything else you need.

In the spirit of openness and community, we’re open sourcing the website. For now that means you can watch our progress in realtime. In the future, this will make it easy for people to add functionality, since our standard response to “you should do this” is “you should do that.”

Big ups to Fingertips for taking on this task.