By Mike / On / In Appsterdam

At last Saturday’s Appsterdam launch party, sponsored by Igluu and Vodaphone, we introduced the new web site, finally answering the question of why we went with a Serbian TLD, .rs, instead of using the more patriotic .nl.

First, you read the URL as “Appsterdammers” as it is a catalog of all the Appsterdammers. We have lists with things like “developer,” “student,” “consultant,” and “available.” That way when people want to, for example, hire an App Maker, they can find one on the site.

Second, although the major thrust of the Appsterdam movement is to build a home for App Makers right here in Amsterdam, we intend to serve App Makers all over the world. As such, and effective immediately, we are going to be accepting members from anywhere in the world, via three types of membership.

Appsterdammers — people who work in Amsterdam
Applanders — people who work elsewhere in the Netherlands
Appbroaders — people who work elsewhere in the world

Up to now, my habit has been to sort any follower who seemed to be in the Netherlands into what seemed like an appropriate category. That way we could have data on launch day. However, the community prefers an opt in system, so from here on out, we’re not going to add you to a list unless you tell us to.

Eventually, we’ll put up a form where you can manage your own lists, which will be particularly convenient for consultants and companies who frequently change their availability or hiring status. For now, though, just tweet at @appsterdamrs what changes you want.

@appsterdamrs Add Applanders consultant developer available
@appsterdamrs Remove hiring
@appsterdamrs Remove me altogether, ye scurvy dogs!
… and so forth.

We’ll also have to modify the site a bit to reflect the changes to the underlying lists, so your membership status may or may not change right away. Bear with us—our web team are volunteers who are spending their free time trying to build a much needed resource for our community.

The site will also serve as a sort of concert calendar for blogs and events in the city. If you have suggestions for the site, or lists you want to see, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The site is here to serve you, so let us know what you need.